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Lenticular Encryption

This is a small project I have put together for the Widget Art Gallery, combining lenticular display methods and the animated gif:

This is an experimental project that examines the aesthetics of lenticularization and extends the creative possibilities of the GIF format.
Lenticularization of an image allows the viewer to be presented with additional visual information within the same space, dependent on angle. Striped of lenticular sheets, we see that information altogether, almost theoretically identical to the Cubist idea of relativity presented as one. This project aims to appreciate the encrypted information as it is as well as decoded with additional media. Also, it aims to highlight and hopefully inspire the idea that there is more that can be done with the GIF medium - new tricks and methods can be applied to animation making, whether it is ‘flipping’ from one image to another, or added depth … Gif making can have additional visual narratives.

Below is a video demonstrating how the GIFs can be seen through a lenticular sheet (including an additional piece which will appear later on):

You can find out more about the Widget Art Gallery here